There have been a long line of caretakers for this beautiful property most notably Opal Doubleday, from whom we purchased the property. Opal was a master landscape gardener who designed the property to start blooming in early Spring and to continue till late Fall. Please see the other Galleries for the different flowers and plants.

We have added to this over several years including a rock perimeter around every plant, bush, and flower! Over the past few months we added over 100 bags of Red Cedar Mulch.

Our yard is entirely organic in that we have never used chemicals nor chemical fertilizers, that were not organic. This is also only for our potted plants. Our wild strawberry patch blesses us with small but delicious wild organic strawberries each year.

The yard which is almost a 1/3 lot, is completely self-maintaining for most years. If we have a heavy monsoon season, then you might mow the "ground cover" once. All the plants, trees, shrubs, bushes, and flowers are watered with via garden hoses and two master timers that have dual zones.

This system completely waters the entire front, side and back yard. You literally do not have to maintain this beautiful yard. Sit back and relax under the beautiful Prairie Fire Crab Apple trees and soak up the unobstructed views of Taos Mountain!

Monday, 20 March 2017