Information About 113 Toalne Road

The following are designed to highlight special aspects of our house and her recent improvements!

Asking Price:

We are asking $279,000. Over the past year we have invested over $12,000 in upgrades to the house. 

House Size:

The upstairs rooms and downstairs basement (living spaces) square footage is a little over 1,600 sf.

Lot Size:

The lot is just under one third acre at 13,266 sf.

Upgrades Over the Past 12 Months:

  New Kenmore Range (January-2018).

  New kitchen floor.

  New kitchen countertops.

  Almost every ceiling has been painted.

  Almost every wall has been painted.

  Every switch plate is new.

  Bathroom 1 & 2: New toilets.

  Bathroom 2: New vanity.

  Bathroom 2: New floor.

  (100) Bags of red cedar mulch landscaped.

  (19.5) Tons of #1 gravel completely around the house.

  All natural hardwood floors oiled (apple cider vinegar & olive oil).

  Every window screen scrubbed & cleaned (all stored in laundry room).

  Carport patched and painted.

  85% of all window treatments are brand new.

  New hot water heater blanket.

Structural Highlights:

  Extensive upgrades and additions over the years.

  Cinderblock & stucco construction.

  One of the few homes in Taos County with a basement.

  Completely fenced yard. (3/4 wooden latillas, ¼ chain link)

  100% interior LED light bulbs.

  Pro-Panel® roof (2010).

  Double-Pane thermal windows throughout entire house (2010).

Landscaping Facts:

  Over $10,000 in master gardener landscaping done.

  Almost every flower, bush & tree has rock borders with red cedar mulch.

  The yard is designed to delight you with life & blooms from late Fall thru early Winter.

  We have never used chemicals or chemical sprays in the yard.

  The entire yard is choreographed to bloom and flower at different times of the year, from late Fall to early Winter

  The following adorn the yard; Prairie Fire Crabapple trees, Russian Purple Sage bushes, Staghorn Sumac, Blue Mist, Lilac, Miss Kim Lilac, Weigela, Blue Arctic Willow, Tulips, Purple Scallions, Wild Strawberries, and more!

  The dry ground becomes covered with a small blue-green ground cover that resembles grass but really requires almost no maintenance to enjoy.

  Numerous birds sing to you year-round including, Morning Doves, Chickadees, Robins, Magpies, Woodpeckers, Hummingbirds, Red Tailed Hawks, Finches, Grosbeaks, and a resident chipmunk!

  Fabulous views of Taos Mountain.

  Heavily shaded trees in front yard provide the ideal place to have your morning coffee or evening drinks under the giant Prairie Fire Crabapple trees!

The Neighborhood:

  Walk to Albertson’s Supermarket – 1 block away.

  Walk to Mondo Italian restaurant – ½ block away.

  Walk to the Coffee Shop – ½ block away

  Walk to the Courthouse – 1 block away.

  Your neighbors are quiet, respectful and the perfect neighbors. You will meet some of them as many walk their children, their pets, or themselves around the block.

Welcome to our home and please explore her charms and feel free to ask any questions at all. It would be our pleasure to help you explore her charms! 113 Toalne Road is a beautiful home that will love and protect you year-round! She requires very little maintenance and upkeep and has been loved by us for over 7 years.